Geely Emgrand GL headlight upgrade with Aozoom projector

The factory Geely Emgrand GL headlight is made with halogen bulb. As all know, the illumination of halogen light bulb is also dark to drive. Higgins chooses to upgrade his headlight with projector. We helped him construct a suitable tuning prepare for his front lights.

Every brand auto front lights has its own particular, the modification and the aftermarket devices bi led headlights are not the very same. The Geely front lights retrofit with Aozoom HID bulb and also Aozoom bi xenon projector.

  • Open the automobile, took off the bump to pull the headlight assemble. Made a safety finishing on the cover of the housing and then put it into the oven for concerning 10 mins.
  • That can protect the headlight cover and obtain the headlight out quickly. Removed OEM headlights that were resealed using silicone, it is tough to do it. After open them up, remove the OEM projector.

Mount Aozoom bi xenon projector into the housing. Because the aftermarket projector is not the similar to the factory one, we require to remove the external component to fit the housing. When the installation were all done, evaluate the light beam pattern to comply to the requirement.


After finishing the light examination, take care of the housing with chilly gule to stay clear of leakage. And then heat the adhesive in a continuous temperature level. The headlight housing can stick to the base very closely, as well as installed the screws at the very same time.

The tuning is all done, the cutoff is brilliant than Higgins’s envision. He was pleased to the customized headlight. To make sure that he can drive on roadway to see a far away, and with a vast version to stay clear of an unnecessary accident.

Volkswagen Golf 7 bi-xenon LED retrofit

I generally drive my Volkswagen Golf 7 in the evening, the manufacturing facility bulbs really did not placed enough light ahead or to the side. I’m a huge follower of devoted reduced beam projectors so I started off with a collection of AOZOOM headlight. In this post, I will be recording my arrangement done on my daily drive Golf 7. Configuration was doing fine also I was brand-new to this globe at that time so I had least to create it down.

My AOZOOM here front lights conversion sets consist of Hella 5 Bi-xenon, ballast, D1S 5500K bulbs and some light setting up. I was easy to open the VALEO real estate and baked them in the oven for concerning half a hr.

Take apart all the components in the real estate: projector, mask, light structure. I was going to mount the AOZOOM bi-xenon projector, drilling an opening in the mask making the projector suit the original one. Screw the assembly in its original places, it would influence the form of cutoff line.

This is the led strip, mounted to the inside of shroud, cover shadow with plastic wrap to prevent scrape. Prior to mounting the shrouds, I cleansed all the channels. Keep the old sealer in a ball and it functions like a sticky eraser to get rid of much more from the fronts lights.

Since all is done, close up the interior. For the light examination, The way in the car park was being brighten, I might see things on the sides that I might never see before. The last point to do is drive my Golf 7 on road and also enjoy it.

My 9th-generation Honda Civic with Hella 5 projector retrofit

Lately driving when traveling, it would be a neglect when I blink the light to signify the approaching chauffeurs to transform their high light beam. That comprised my mind to retrofit myself Civic headlight housing. I normally drive in the urban road, seldom in high method and also countryside, so 4 reduced beam with 2 high is a suitably changed prepare for my HONDA CIVIC. I upgrade my CIVIC in a specialist refit store.

Right here is my mount listing:
Projector: OEM Hella5 bi-xenon
Ballast: Audi A6 OEM Keboda
Bulb: OSRAM 4300K HID
Other parts: 4 items white Angel eye( BMW)+ 4 items red Demon eye

So let’s to play!Take the headlights back apart, placed all the bulb out off the housing. Then baked them in the stove. After opening them up, take the lights and shadows apart.

The changed process takes as long, I have actually waited in the store from day to evening. However It was pretty wonderful with the angel eye in the low light beam in the projector after the retro.

The last point is to install the housing. It is feasible to cause dampness accumulated inside the fronts lights and influence the light outcome if the job did refrain from doing well.

This is my angel eye and also satanic force eye, the light remains tidy, clear as well as wonderfully white no matter for how long they have gotten on. The expert refit store is so terrific, made my front lights a level up, as well as the shop additionally offers a technological light test, currently I could drive my HONDA on roadway with brighter lights.


Honda Accord Q5 xenon projector retro Do It Yourself

I am Zac, I have ran my Accord for over 2 years. I truly like manual work. I’m likewise while restoring my Honda Accord. Back then of the installation, I made a renovation of the efficiency on the front lights housing. The first step was to get a set of Q5 Bi-Xenon link projectors from what I got 2 weeks back.

I started with modification the light base with HeartRay D2S 5500K HID bulb which I updated in the projector. The manufacturing facility 8th-generation Accord used D2 HID light bulb and also Mitsubishi ballast.

Managed to open the housing, took all parts away: reflector, light bulbs, shadow, mask … I remained to determine three indicate ensure the Q5 projector is completely lined up with the holes. I pierced the openings with D2 guard, this is the picture I made it done.

Ok, I obtained it, after that it should install projector on the internal with screws and nuts. It is very important to evaluate the cutoff line prior to installing the real estate. The line must be straight and in a correct alignment. When every little thing is right, I mounted all up onto my Accord. Evaluate the light once again for the placement.

I was so ecstatic finished these up. After my DIY retrofit for Q5, I have better exposure over brief and medium range, the low-beam cutoff being the only point that makes them less valuable over lengthy range.

Toyota Carallo Retrofit Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight

Nowadays, for lots of people, the very first thing they do after buying a new automobile is to retrofit the front lights, it is not only for the fashionable look yet also for the search of individuality. Really, the street light on the road now is brighter compared to in the past. However a brighter and conventional headlight indicates much better exposure experience and also much safer driving on roadway. So when I get my new Carola, my first decision is to upgrade the manufacturing facility halogen front lights to HID package with bi-xenon projector. The actions are revealed listed below.

I took the bumper out off to tug the headlight off of the assemblies and also all set for breakdown. Baked them in the stove and also took the shrouds off.

Then it was some screws in the housing then I started to drill some tiny openings in the reduced light beam headlight base.

Installed the YEAKY bi-xenon projector in the real estate as well as examination the light on the housing. After ending up the light examination, dealt with the YEAKY bi-xenon in the real estate with steel-soil.

Seal the housing with adhesive to avoid leakage. And then warm the glue in a consistent temperature. So the front lights real estate can adhere to the base very closely, and also mounted the screws at the same time.

When all things are totaled the lorry, we fit the custom-made AOZOOM rapid ballast for the bi-xenon projector.

The light is brighter as well as clearer compared to I expect with the low beam.